Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is it spring yet...

Seems like everyone here has been battling a bug! A while back I had pneumonia and now some of my kids have bad coughs and sniffles. So in between dealing with illness, trying to fit a bit of schooling in here and there, I thought I'd share what's on my sewing table and ideas I have for spring. Whenever it chooses to finally arrive and stay awhile that is... ha! ha!

Just off my sewing table today I finished up my blocks for our block exchange at the shop. I rather like most of them. We'll see what I get in return...

If you're interested in making this block you can hop over to my other blog at!/2013/05/friendship-star-block.html for the tutorial.

The other projects I have been working on, are these quick fun applique wall hangings. This is the June one, and the next Thimbleberries project quilt. I also took a Prepared Hand Applique class the other night and will have to post that project later! It's too cute!

 Just need to fix my goof and add the last couple of borders and it will be done!! At least the top, that is!! Lastly I've been dreaming of a fairy garden in my front flower bed. Now that I received my new book, my kids are excited too! LOTS of cool fairies, including Ninja fairies!! The boys are really hooked on that!

What are you working on? I'd love to read your comments and see what you and your brood are working on! Enjoy your many blessings!! TTFN!

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