Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mom & Me Camp...

This past weekend I was able to spend some quality time with one of my little boys at Mom & Me Camp. It was lots of fun and the older Boy Scouts putting on the camp did a great job!! It was a great learning experience. As homeschooling mom's we spend loads of time with our kids, however my son really suprised me on this weekend. We did lots of fun things and when I asked him what his favorite thing was that we did it was a pleasant suprise.

On the weekend the boys made kalidescopes, went on a nature walk, learned about and made fire, did archery and shot bee bee guns. I expected my son's favorite thing to be the fire, archery or the bee bee guns, however I was completely wrong! His favorite thing was the nature hike and identifying plants, animals, etc. That totally blew my mind. But it just goes to show how much you can learn by taking the time to do one on one things with each of your children.

Here are some photos of our weekend! Happy learning!

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