Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another weekend...

ANOTHER WEEKEND OF summer down! It's going so fast!! We are now half way through July and I feel like summer just got started, EEEK! I guess the closer we get to August the more I start thinking about school and getting my ducks in a row. Planning schedules, looking at activities, and making sure we have a good balance can take a lot of time. Maybe not physically, but definitely mentally.

We have a reunion and a wedding to attend and by the end of that we will be up close and personal with August! I will need to make sure all my curriculum is here, if it isn't already. AND I will finally have to choose a planner and get things together so I can begin planning. So much to do, it's hard to believe that anyone ever called it "the lazy days of summer". I've never had a lazy summer day yet, have you?

I posted on the Homeschool Lounge a discussion of planners and received lots of great recommendations. I've narrowed it down to going back to the Homeschool Tracker, Scholaric, or going to something that's old fashion like paper. I've used things on line and some times I just like have a good ol' hard copy to write notes, etc. I just can't decide. I just know I need something else to keep me organized and a "to do" list each day for my little guys. Hmmmm.... Still thinking on that and am open to suggestions!!

This is my biggest change this year, since this year I will be homeschooling three children. I have been "schooling" the youngest two, but this year we will begin to have more formal schooling to get them writing well and doing more formal math. I must admit that I tend to be more of a "free form" schooler of younger children. However now that I have two of them and a toddler, I have more of a challenge of focusing on individual time to get reading and writing more in hand. In some ways I feel like a new homeschooler, just without the paranoia of getting it all in. I'm not as concerned with covering everything, because I know we will. I just have to continue to get used to juggling.

The other thing I need to look at is my crafting time. Once summer is over I'll have some what less of it and that's another thing to juggle. But in the mean time I did get another quilt done!! I feel so accomplished when I get one done. I'm getting a little addicted to that feeling!! It's great!

Hope you're enjoying your summer and getting lots accomplished!!

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