Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunshine Award...

I AM SO HONORED! I've been blogging for such a short time and tickled that Carri over at Simply Done Wright has nominated me for the Sunshine Award! Thank you so much Carri for supporting me in this way!!
The Sunshine Award is given from bloggers to "bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere."
Okay, so here's how the award works:

First, you should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Next, answer the following questions about yourself. Then, choose 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post. Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.

Last, be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog! Here we go!

1. Favorite color- is all shades of purple. However, I have been purchasing lots of sunny color fabric lately so maybe it's still evolving. :)
2. Favorite animal- is the giraffe. They are just amazing to me! I can watch them for hours at the zoo!
3. Favorite number-  5, it's always been 5. Not sure why...
4. Favorite Drink- Jasmine pearl white tea or for a cold drink pina colada bubble tea
5. Facebook or Twitter- Facebook! Don't have a Twitter account 
6. Good book or good movie- Book~ Threading the Needle (Cobbled Court) of the Cobbled Courts Quilts series(any of these books really); Movie~ Hard to choose but the best one I've watched of late is The King's Speech .
7. My passion- My faith and my family
8. Giving or getting gifts- I love to give gifts, but over the years I have become better at receiving them as well. That is something I have to work on regularly.
9. Favorite day- It's hard to say. Each day that I get to spend with my children is such a blessing!
10. Favorite flower- Lilly of the Valley, but really any flower will do! Especially the fists full of dandelions I receive often! :) 
Now you know a little bit more about me.
Now, the 10 blogs that I would like to give the Sunshine Award to, in no particular order, are:
Joey over at the madebyjoey
Tess over at Circling Through This Life
Jenny over at Days of Chalk and Chocolate
Esther over at Happy in Red
Emma over at Intentional Hospitality
Amanda over at Life, Experience Needed
Jodi over at Meaningful Mama
Tina over at One Crafty Mess
Micupoftea over at Poetry In a Pot of Tea
Candace over at Saltwater Quilts

Please check out these awesome bloggers and see what great stuff they have to share.....


Have a wonderful day!!


  1. anastasia - thanks so much for the award - how very kind of you. I became your follower today and look forward to being bloggy friends. Have a wonderful week.

    one crafty mess

  2. Thank you, dear friend, for the award!

  3. Thank you for the award. I'm so honored that you thought of me.


  4. Hi Anastasia - I tried to reply to your email - but you're a " no reply blogger "
    just letting you know - in case you didn't know!!!
    I am now following you back!!!
    Congratulations on your award ( I have it too - but haven't posted it yet - terrible I know!!! )
    So nice to meet you!

  5. Hello Anastasia~ WHat a surprise that you selected my blog for the cheery award. Thank you. I Also really enjoyed the Kings Speech! I see you enjoy tea...that is another thing we have in common. I appreciate your visits~ Have a blessed week :)


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