Thursday, July 12, 2012

Growing up...

TIME JUST AMAZES me. I feel like I watch my children each day and before my eyes they grow up and I don't always appreciate until moments like today. My peanut boy joined Cub Scouts today. It was a little like deja vu watching him with all his new scout mates. It seem like just yesterday I was taking my oldest to Scouts and my peanut wasn't even born yet. For so long is was just the robot boy and me. Now I'm on to a new stage of the these little guys growing up and I just can believe it. Before I know it they'll be as big as my oldest and almost out the door. If any of you know the way to slow down the clock let me know because I'll be right on it.

Scouts is such a great program for boys. And what a blessing to find an all homeschooled pack.  I know that they have had their controversies, but as a program it's great. They teach so many life skills and introduce kids to so many different topics. It's a wonderful way to help them find their passions. Having to test the waters on so subjects really gives a fabulous opportunity to take a large enough bite of something to learn if you want to pursue it or not. Plus there are lots of opportunities for leadership and mentoring others.

I'm also glad to be getting in, in the early days. If we all stick with it some of these families maybe be my sons closest friends. It will be fun to be a scouting mom again! Let the adventure begin!

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