Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A day at the mountain...

MOST OF MY FAMILY is from Washington State and after living here for several years it's amazing to me that I'm just now making the trip to Mt. Rainier. What a glorious site! We had a PERFECT day and the views were breath taking!!

I'm not sure that my photos do the experience justice!!

The visitors center with the kids...

Watching the volcano simulation...

We had a wonderful picnic. Almost shared it with a bear!! Took in wonderful views of God's creation! I was a fabulous day!!


  1. Even though I live here, I have never been to Mt. Rainier! I desperately want to go even more now!

    1. You should go! It's so beautiful!! Thanks for the visit!

  2. Great pictures! And one of those kids looks oh so familiar! thanks for taking her with you!

  3. Love the pictures!! :)
    I awarded you on my blog!


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