Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great First Day!

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT the first day of school, or at least there was when I was a child. All the nerves of finding a friendly face on the bus and praying I would get to sit next to a friend in class. It's funny to me that my children, as of yet, have never had that experience. I so looked forward to using all my new school supplies and organizing my desk just so. Looking back I guess I did enjoy school some what, but there are so many things that I'll never miss.

Today was our first day of school, or at least our 'official' first day. I mean when you homeschool aren't you really doing school all the time without knowing it, or intending to? I feel like during a good week I learn something new every day! And I have to say that raising children most days ARE great days!!

I find it fascinating watching my children learn. Amazing to watch how they process things and rejoicing with them when they finally get it! Today was one of those days. We tried our new Touchtile Reading System today and I was amazed and delighted at how well it went. I could almost see the wheels turning and he seemed to be finally getting it. This was the first day so we have a long road to go before he's reading, but it definitely seems promising!

Using this system the child takes a dot paint marker and has to cross across their body saying a letter and sound. This may seem silly, but by doing this they have to use both hemispheres of the brain. By doing these exercises they are sparking new pathways that helps the information process better in their brain. This Touchtile System comes with all the instruction to help you help your child learn the letters and sounds and then finally to blend. For my 'guesser' the blending is the tricky part, so in a few weeks we will see how he progresses.

We are trying all we can to work on fine motor to help with writing. At least his coloring is improving. Staying inside lines is such a challenge, but we have to work on one thing at a time. What I know from teaching another child with 'special needs' is that often times when it comes together it can come all at once. So you just have to celebrate the small victories along the way!

Hope you are having a wonderful start to your school year! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!


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