Sunday, June 24, 2012

Berry Time...

ONE OF THE BEST things about summer is all of the fruit that's available!! Living here in Washington strawberry season is so wonderful!! We have lots of berry stands around and getting those first berries of the season is just heaven!

In our home I have to purchase the large container of whipping cream from Costco to satisfy everyone's need for cream. I think some times the berries are just an excuse to eat lots of cream!! "Let's have some berries with our cream please". Half our household likes whipped cream and then the other half just likes the simple pouring of cream on the berries. I guess I get that from growing up in England. It's amazing to me more folks don't eat it that way, but I for one LOVE it!!

Getting berries, walking around the farmer's markets...I just love summer! Now if the weather here would cooperate it would be great. I guess I'll just have to wait for July 4th. For us Washingtonians that's the real start of summer.

In other news... As some of you know I took on "getting crafty" this year and since January I've been making quilt tops like a crazy woman. Well, now that I've learned how to bind, I can now start finishing my tops. So this is the latest of my creations.

If you like the design you too can make a "twister" quilt. I made my first one from the book Let's Twist... Again and found it so fun I've made more of my own design. The tool you use is Lil Twister Pinwheel Quilt Template 5" Squares. You'll have to give a try!! It's really fun and the end result is quite amazing!!

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  1. Gotta love strawberries! Your little one sure looks sweet too. Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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