Monday, June 4, 2012

Cottage Industry...

OVER THE WEEKEND I was busy crafting and just thinking of how I could keep my crafting habit going!! Crafting is a bit like a drug to me. I love it and can't spend enough time doing it. So in some ways I guess I impose my craziness on my kids and make them do it too!! But I guess that it is now paying off since my oldest is now helping me with my new endeavor.

Since I really enjoy making things, I now have the problem with what to do with them. I mean how many quilts do you really need?? Luckily with the knitting, children grow so I can always be knitting something that someone needs. For a little while any way. So I'm hoping to post and sell some of my items in different places and see what happens.

My first completed thing is knitting markers. I just love beads and shiny things so I thought I'd make my own. They turned out so nicely that I thought I'd sell them as well. The only problem was that the little rings I put the dangley things on I could not seal shut. I looked for a solution, when it hit me my oldest knows how to solder. So I put him to work and it worked perfectly! Now I'll have to see if other folks agree and want to purchase my creations.

I plan to offer some beaded items, quilts and quilted items. We'll have to see where it leads. Maybe just a dead end, but all I can do is try. Now that the kids are in on my endeavor it's a family affair so we'll see, but in a homeschooling household are most things a family affair??

Enjoy your day!


  1. ha! I always wonder what to do with all the crafts but thankfully my children are "collectors" (just a nice word for hoarder) so most of it goes up in their rooms:)


  2. What I blessing to have talent for crafts! I don't but I am struggling to learn to knit and enjoy the process. I desperately needed to bring a bit of money in and started a little used bookstore on my blog. Classics and CM recommended books. I'm hoping that my effort will pay off and I'll pray for your effort as well.


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