Monday, June 18, 2012

Library day...

DON'T YOU JUST love the library? I do, and I love the wonder of my children when they discover a new book. We visit the library each week, but today I discovered a new area in the children's section. There were all sorts of fairy tale books from all over the world. My son, who love knights, found several books to delight his fancy!!

This evening at bedtime we read a story from China. It was a wonderful story with a great moral. It's from the book Mightier Than the Sword: World Folktales for Strong Boys. I love a good story and it's even better when it has a lesson. I also feel blessed to find this treasure. So refreshing to find good literature.

We also checked out an activity box about Knights and Dragons. So over the next few days we will probably stick with this theme and see what we can learn. The box included dress up clothes, toy dragons, small swords, and books about knights and dragons. We will be able to cover some history, possibly an art project or two. I'll probably go online to find more stuff to flesh out a "unit study". This is my favorite way do teach. Hands on and discovering things together. What a blessing!

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