Monday, May 14, 2012

Be Creative...

HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S Day... Hope you all had a wonderful sunny weekend. We really had a nice weekend. A wonderful balance of together time and mom getting some alone time. What a blessing!

I was able to get some much needed crafting done! Crafting is what keeps me energized!! It's just to bad it took me 16 years of motherhood to figure that out!! For me it's so important to be creative. Homeschooling and just being a mom gives me lots of avenues to be creative, but I have to admit that they don't always leave me re-charged. They definitely take lots of energy, because those things don't always come naturally. So for me there is creative and creative.

So first I was able to get my Thimbleberry done! I changed the pattern up a little, but I am happy with how it turned out. And it gives me another "twister" or "pinwheel" pattern I can do. Love that!!

I also got to work a little more on this little sweater for the little Ms. This time it seems to be the right gauge and should fit her. I'll keep my fingers cross! Ha! Ha!

Now I'm frantically trying to get this baby quilt done. I did actually have one almost finished, but I decided I didn't like it. I wasn't able to do it the way I had intended and was just going to go with it, but as I was quilting I just couldn't do it. So I'm taking it a part to fix it, but now I'm running out of time. So I'm making a whole new one and will deal with the other one later. Call me crazy, but I feel like life as a mom is a life full of compromise. In my crafting world I just can't compromise, it has to be RIGHT!

Here are some photos of my crazy, creative process!

The colors....

Playing with design....

Now it's Monday and back to the business of all things education and child exploration!! Have a magnificent Monday!!!

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