Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is it a School Day?

Now that we are wrapping up the end of the year, my little guys are starting to feel like we really didn't "do" school. Their idea of "school" is big brother sitting at his desk in front of his computer, writing a paper, watching a lecture, or doing some other "work" at a desk. As their teacher, I don't find it productive to put children of their age (they just turned 5 yrs & 7 yrs) at a desk for extended periods of time. So in their minds, they don't "do school". How do you educate your little ones? Even though you're at home, do you use desks? Having boys, I have just never found it useful to use traditional techniques to teach my children.

Like today we ran around outside memorizing sight words. I had written them with sidewalk chalk on the pavement and they had to run and stand on a word and tell me what it was, or I would shout out a word and they had to find it. It's a lot more fun and pretty effective. Later we did some art, where drawing and painting took place. They also worked on knitting. My focus is much more on building fine motor, which my peanut boy is rather weak in, rather than getting prefect penmanship. The penmanship will come later.

We made something in the kitchen, covering math and science. Finally we played Monopoly. Lots of counting involved, adding and even making change. I count all of this as "school", it's funny that the boys don't. I love that they are learning and having fun. Since I now have a successful high schooler I have the confidence to know what we are doing is beneficial and in time they may look like more traditional students. But for now, "school" is play, they just haven't realized it yet.

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