Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bubbles & Saints...

What a full day we had today! Full of sunshine and blessings!! We spent most of the day getting things done around the house, but once Daddy came home the bulk of our little knights special day began! Dad's arrival brought the birthday boy a bouquet of balloons and his ice cream cake. Then we got everyone ready and headed out. A little shopping, picking up pizza and then off to the park for a pizza in the park picnic. We were also blessed with a wonderful surprise of a "best-friend" coming to play too!! I think that made it extra special!

In our family everyone gets to order their birthday dinner, home-made or dining out, then they get to plan the day. Whatever that will make it special for them. So far it's worked well and we don't always have to do a big party. Sometimes just getting to plan your whole day is more fun!

The other special part of the day was the blessing of a special names day!! Not to steal big brothers thunder, but it was also a special day for the little Miss too. I hope as they get older they will appreciate sharing their day together.

May 8th
(Tone 1)
Through thee the divine likeness was securely preserved, O Mother Emmelia; for thou didst carry the cross and follow Christ. By example and precept thou didst teach us to ignore the body because it is perishable, and to attend to the concerns of the undying soul. Therefore, doth thy soul rejoice with the angels.

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