Monday, May 21, 2012

WHAT A WEEKEND... Some times weekends are blissful and you don't want them to end. Then there are some that, well.. you don't mind seeing the back of. My weekend was somewhere in between, with all the high and low points!

Before I had my children, I was... well, quite materialistic, vain, self-centered to name just a few. I was mostly a 'girly-girl'. I loved to fix my hair and play with make-up. I was into the latest styles and quite frankly much different than I am now. Then I had my first child. I was shocked to be introduced to a whole new world of emotions! For a while I didn't quite know how to handle it all. Having a boy... a HIGH NEED boy, really threw me for a loop. For years I was so caught up in taking care of him that I don't think I really had the time to think of myself. By the time he was eight years old, I started to feel like I was coming out of the fog and well, I didn't recognize myself. I began to consider doing things, not "mommy" things, but my things. Then when he was almost ten I had my second high need boy. Luckily my peanut boy was not as high need as his predecessor, however being thrown into the "new mommy" thing was a bit of a shocker! Then two years later, boy number three arrived and while I LOVE my boys, I felt that I was doomed to the world of dinosaurs, 'man-eating' plants, things that could kill me and all things gross! While I was a 'girly-girl', I'm not squeamish and can hold my own in the world of boys. Through all this I somewhat lost my sense of being a 'girly-girl'. But now that I have my girl, she has revived the 'girly' side of me.

So back to the weekend, I began the weekend by going into the salon and getting a new look. Now that I have begun to rediscover 'all things girl' I feel like I'm reinventing myself a little. My oldest says I'm going through a 'mid-life crisiss'. I don't feel like that however. I just feel like I'm actually making time for myself. Having little ones again this late in life, I feel like I need to figure out what I'm doing now and stop waiting around for later. To that end I'm making more 'me' time and I think that is making me a better mom. I don't feel so neglected and under valued. I'm just more happy about life and that's always a good thing.

As I said Friday I got a new look, then Saturday I was able to go to some of the South Sound Yarn Crawl with a friend. It was lots of fun. I bought some yarn for new project and got to get a lot more done on my current one.

Next project...

Now on to the sleeves...

Now the low point... Saturday evening I managed to slip down my stairs on a small child's boot and hurt my right foot rather badly. Due to the pain I was in, I missed Liturgy and the baby shower I had been invited to Sunday. It was a bummer ending to a fabulous weekend. On the bright side, since I was stuck stitting around with my foot up, I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done. And it was a misty rain kind of day and boy, the tea tasted good! Now I just need to heal so I can get on with the week ahead...

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  1. I think having a chronic illness forces me to take that time for myself. When I'm sick and am only able to keep the couch warm, is when I do the crafts I enjoy doing. Thanks be to God for ALL things!


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