Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Learning disabilities...

DO YOUR CHILDREN have learning disabilities? Do they struggle with reading and writing, maybe math? The first time around I had a child struggle with reading and writing. Math seemed fine to a point and then fell apart. I felt like homeschooling wasn't working and I must have been doing it all wrong. Other families did it and their children seemed better educated than mine and they seemed to enjoy school. I was mystified because this was NOT my experience. Not my experience at all!! There were so many times I thought I would put my child in school, someone else could and should do it better. Of course they were more qualified.
Luckily, even though I felt way in over my head, I stuck with it. Through talking with other mom's I discovered that maybe it wasn't me and maybe we both just needed some help. I had my child evaluated and discovered he did, indeed have some learning challenges. We did occupational therapy, vision therapy, auditory therapy and a lot of trial and error. He is now going into his Junior year of high school and you'd never know he ever had any problems. He reads lots, for school and pleasure. He even took an online course this year though Institute for Excellence in Writing and achieved over a 90% in each semester. I call that success!!! Considering there were years I wondered if he'd ever master the art of writing at all.

Well, now I'm on child number two and he too, seems to have some challenges. However, this time we may not be able to do all of the necessary therapies, due to insurance and cost constraints. Or at least not as quickly as I would like. So I may have found another option and the beauty of it is I can do it at home and at our own pace. I am excited about the prospect!! There were so many times during occupational therapy that I thought, why can't you just show me and I could do this. This time possibly I can!

After watching the Webinar through Learning Link Technologies, I feel ready to again tackle these learning challenges. I've been looking over this program for a while now and when they had their free webinar I signed up to learn more. I really think this will be a good fit with the challenges we are dealing with. When we get going with this program I will be sharing our experiences and progress.

I know from educating my first child how hard it is to deal with learning challenges. So I plan to share this so that if you or someone you know can be supported and helped along their journey of finding what fits. Every family and child is so unique. This is just what we're choosing. I'm not suggesting this is the best or only program, just that for what we are dealing with it looks like a great find. So intermixed with the other activities we do, I hope to be sharing our journey. And God willing our successes!! Some times the homeschooling road is hard, but I've always said that homeschoolers are DOERS and if you choose to you can do most anything. You just may need a little help along the way and that's ok! Just keep moving!!

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